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Rayan Kawosh Technology Services (RyKaTech), founded by a group of IT and Telecom experts in 2020, is an ICT company providing innovative solutions and services in the field of Technology. The company is offering Digital Transformation (DX) services including but not limited to provision of professional and efficient ICT solutions, Process Automation, improving Customer Experience, Call Center Design, Cloud Solutions, Internet of Things (IoT), AI/ML Development, Mobile App, Software and Hardware Deployment, IT Networking Security, CCTV, Anti-Virus, Computer and Accessories, Web Services, Web Hosting, LAN/WAN Network Design and Infrastructure, Technical Support and Consultancy Services as well as Wireless Internet Solutions.

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Rayan Kawosh Technology Values

To become the most innovative and trusted Technology leader in Afghanistan who contributes to achievement of Sustainable Development Goals in the country and transforms Afghan life standards.

To fill the digital gap between Afghanistan and neighboring countries and offer high quality and cost-effective next generation of digital transformation solutions to our valuable customers.

RyKaTech is registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MOCI) of Afghanistan under license number 73743. The company is based in Kabul and has regional offices in Herat, Mazar, Kandahar and Jalalabad covering whole country. RyKaTech will be offering high quality ICT services to a range of clients including Afghan Government, NATO, Foreign Embassies, Military Forces, MNOs, NGOs, Banks and private sector in Afghanistan. The company is well equipped with certified and qualified ICT experts to operate its services throughout country.


Process Automation

We offer Business Process Automation (BPA) service and support our clients to use technology in order to automate repeatable day-to-day tasks. BPA accelerates how work gets done by routing information to the right person at the right time through user-defined rules and actions. A workflow management system will be provided as an infrastructure for the automation and performance monitoring of a defined sequence of tasks leading to high quality, efficiency and cost saving.

Improving Customer Experience (CX)

RyKaTech uses analytics to collect and process customer data in order to obtain a better understanding of customers points of view, pain points, and experiences with a product or service. The outcome will reveal the perception of a customer with the business from navigating the website to talking to customer service and receiving the product/service they purchased as well as post sales services. We identify the potential areas for CX journey redesign and support our customers to improve their CX.

Call Center (CC) design

RyKaTech is proud of introducing the most innovative and cost affordable CC solutions to its valuable customers. We have significant experience in design and implementation of CC considering business requirements and offer customized solutions to promote business service quality.

Cloud Computing solutions

We cover three main areas of cloud computing – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). We work closely with big cloud service providers to offer computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the Internet. We support our customers to receive reliable and flexible resources and take benefits of economy of scale.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of things (IoT) indicates the network of physical objects — “things”—that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet. We at RyKaTech, offer practical and cost affordable IoT solutions in the area of connected appliances, smart home security systems, autonomous farming equipment, wearable health monitors, smart factory equipment, wireless inventory trackers, biometric cybersecurity scanners and shipping container and logistics tracking.

AI/ML Products

RyKaTech has a specialized team of AI and ML and can support its customers using AI/ML based products to personalize marketing, detect fraud and apply recommendation system to any business sales portal.

Mobile App, Software and Hardware deployment

RyKaTech is one-stop shop collecting all your business requirements, analyzing and providing you the best option to promote your business in terms of Mobile App, Software and Hardware.

IT Networking Security

Considering our great experience in the network security, we can help our customer to use the most advanced security tools and enhance their network security in the areas of access control, anti-malware software, anomaly detection, application security, data loss prevention (DLP), Email-security, endpoint security, firewall, intrusion prevention systems, network segmentation, security information and event management (SIEM), virtual private network (VPN), web and wireless security.

Our Products

Ryka Outbound Dialer:

Ryka Dialer is a highly effective auto-dialer communication-based system that will transform your telemarketing campaign productivity and achieve the results that you always wanted.
- Increase productivity
- Campaign rules
- Broadcast messages to customers
- Everything web-based
- Integration with backend APIs and Database

Ryka Self Service IVR:

Self Service IVR is a highly effective solution which helps businesses to provide self service IVR solution to their customer and it can be integrated with any backend nodes using API and database.
- Products Subscription
- Enhanced Reports
- Adaptive, Personalized Experience
- Integration with API
- Integration with Database

Ryka Business Telephony:

Business Tel IP PABX series is a hybrid IP telephony solution which caters for both IP and analog telephony. It is built to seamlessly integrate into your organization and provide you with a competitive edge.
- Call recording & voice logger
- Interactive voice response
- Voicemail to Email
- Call forward & call waiting
- Conference bridge
- Music on hold
- Hot Desking
- Automatic Call Distribution Queues (ACD)
- Multi Device Support
- Calendar base Call Flow Control
- Call Detail Report
- Blacklist management

Ryka SMS Platform:

Ryka SMS Platform is designed to handle large amount of traffic and stands for its high performance and redundant ability. Our Web based UI is designed to measure real time throughput on different outbound SMPP gateways using web-socket technologies. Throughput toggle button ensures minimum resource utilization during monitoring of SMPP SMS traffic.
- Multi-protocol traffic processing (SS7, SMPP, SIP, HTTP)
- SMPP v3.3, v3.4 and v5.0 supported.
- Prepaid based charging via diameter and API
- Concatenated messages support via HTTP interface
- User friendly SMPP management console

Ryka USSD Platform:

Ryka USSD Gateway solution is a cost-eff­ective and user-friendly tool, enabling network operators to provide mobile subscribers with content-rich, interactive services which are easy to use, including: callback, balance inquiry, pre-paid account refill, stock quotes, sports information, interactive games, and others.
- Mobile Originated Sessions
- Network Initiated Sessions
- Multi-Application Interfaces
- Support for SS7 connectivity via SIGTRAN (SCTP/M3UA)
- Geolocation API enablement

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